Friday, September 25, 2009

Strategic Plan for the 1st CD in SE WI: "Finding the New Les Aspin" or "Peter Barca" We Know You Are Out There

Down memory lane here for a moment. Les Aspin was elected to Congress in 1971 he held this seat until 1993 when President Clinton appointed him to Secretary of Defense. Peter Barca from Kenosha was then our Congressman from 1993 to 1995. Les Aspin held this seat for twenty two years. So here is the score Democrats 24 years and Republicans the past twelve.

What have Mark Neuman and Paul Ryan really accomplished for the citizens of Southeastern Wisconsin over the past twelve years?

The new Les Aspin can run on the same platform from his first campaign in 1971. We need a Congressman who will promise to promote full employment, oppose the war, and support environmental positions. With one addition, "Work to promote full Healthcare Reform."

Here are some facts when Paul Ryan took office the unemployment numbers in our counties looked like this:

Racine and surrounding metropolitan areas:

1999 vs. July 2009
5.5% vs. 10.2%

Janesville and surrounding metropolitan areas:

1999 vs. July 2009
3.9% vs. 12.8%

This is factual data that can be researched through the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is time to find a new Congress Person who can make a difference for all the citizens who live in Southeastern Wisconsin. A good start would be to get our unemployment numbers back down to where they were when the Republican's took over Les Aspin and Peter Barca's seat.

If you would like to really take a walk down memory lane click on this link