Thursday, December 10, 2009

Call to all DPW Members

Any member (men and women) in good standing with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin are invited to participate in the DPW Women's Caucus. Their second meeting was held today (December 10, 2009) in Madison and via conference call. They finished the Caucus' Constitution which will go before the Administrative Committee in January for final approval.

This Caucus has a five member Executive Committee including 2 Co-Chairs, an Associate Chair, Recording Secretary, and a Treasurer. The 2 Co-Chairs were appointed so that event planning can begin. Susan Van Sickland from Iowa County has been instrumental in getting this Caucus organized she will Co-Chair the Caucus with Penny Sharp from Racine County.

A call is being made for volunteers to fill an Associate Chair's seat, Secretary's seat, and Treasurer's seat. It is the Caucus' concensus that a cross state representation on the Executive Committee would be the best way to get input from the entire state. If you are interested in participating as a member at large or an Executive Committee appointment please contact Penny Sharp at (262) 878-3875.

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