Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome Back!

This past week I was given the official notification from Doug Burnett at AFSCME that my blog is approved and that I may continue to use this as an official informational tool from me to you. Please click on the Scott's bio page also because I will be placing information on it as well.

It feels good to be back in the saddle and I will provide you with results from Candidate Screenings who your local elected leaders have agreed to support. I will be creating a sidebar tool that lists upcoming events in your areas. Please check back often because as all of you provide me with information I will post.

On February 26, 2010 Labor held its' Candidate screening in Racine. We were disappointed in how many candidates failed to accept our invitation. Our conclusions are that we have quite a few people running for office in Racine and Racine County who are not Labor friendly candidates. So each of us needs to be aware of this when we go to the polls on April 6, 2010.

The entire County Board is up for re-election in Racine County and all Even Aldermatic positions are up for re-election and will be on the April 6, 2010 ballot:

Monte Osterman County Board D 3
Michael Gabbey County Board D 3 No response
James Kaplan County Board D 4 No response
Kenneth Lumpkin County Board D 4 10:30
Mark Hjortness Country Board D 14
Ronald Molnar County Board D 14 No response
Ken Hall (I) County Board D 15 1:00
John Leiber County Board D 15 No response
Joseph Bellante County Board D 19 No response
Donna Deuster County Board D 19 No response
Gilbert Bakke County Board D 21 No response
Patrick Lee Haley County Board D 21 No response
Jameel Ghuari Racine Common Council D 2 9:30A
Eric Marcus Racine Common Council D 2 unable to attend
James Kaplan Racine Common Council D 4 No response
Sherrie Lawson Racine Common Council D 4 10:50
Dwight Mosby Racine Common Council D 6 11:10am
Sandy Weidner Racine Common Council D 6 No
Donald Dwyer Racine Common Council D 10 Responded
Dennis Wiser Racine Common Council D 10 12:10pm
Fran Eulingbourgh Racine Unified School Board 12:30pm
Susan Kutz (I) Racine Unified School Board
Julie McKenna (I) Racine Unified School Board 10:10am
Bill Van Atta (I) Racine Unified School Board 9:10 AM
Gene Racine County Judge 9:50am
Georgia Racine County Judge 12:45

Labor waits to endorse School Board candidates until after their screening.
Racine County Judge Postion: Racine Candidates received a dual endorsement
For the first time in Jim Kaplan's history of running for office he was not endorsed. As a retired member of AFSCME Local 67 this was very disappointing to me. He has proven to be an unfriendly leader to labor by not responding to our questions or appearing at the screening.
Ken Hall County Board Incumbent 15th District was endorsed.
Ken Lumpkin former County Board Member, Community Activist, and Editor of Insider News of the 4th District was endorsed.
Sherrie Lawson Horlick High School Teacher and Community Activist was endorsed for the 4th District for Racine's City Council.
Jameel Ghuari was endorsed as the candidate for Racine's City Council 2nd District.
Dwight Mosby Sr. former County Board Member 15th District was endorsed.
Monte Osterman Candidate County Board No incumbent running endorsed by answers to packet sent back for 3rd District.
Mark Hjortness Candidate County Board No incumbent running endorsed by answers to packet send back for 14th District.

Good Luck to all candidates and Thank you for participating.